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Soulburnscripts for 3ds Max will not be updated further!

The free script package made by Neil Blevins will not be supported after Autodesk announced, back at the beginning of 2020, that it will change 3ds Max licensing method to a subscription/rental only. Details here.

Neil has a strong position concerning the latest Autodesk business plan. You can read his opinion in detail in two statements he made, in his blog here and website here.

In April 2021, Neil will update the scripts one last time to be compatible with 3ds Max 2022. If someone who has acquired 3ds Max in the new rental-only version wishes to modify the script to be compatible with later versions and distribute it for FREE, Neil Blevins will allow that. But his 18 years involvement with the soulburnscripts package will end in April 2021.

Here at 3d Artist Central, we must thank Neil for all his hard work.

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