Simple and elegant living/dining-room

Interior scene in 3ds Max and V-ray

This was an image I created for my portfolio. I decided to design a simple but elegant living/dining area.

The lighting had an important role in balancing the scene. I wanted to make the room bright and inviting in contrast to the visually "heavier" design of the furniture. The wall partition on the right was added to frame the area a bit more.

Another goal was to be bold with the color scheme but in a way that it wouldn´t disturb the tranquility of the room. A very unsaturated blueish-green and dark orange was chosen not just because they are complementary but also, due to their opposing symbology: calm and elegance balanced by warmth and dynamism.

Color wheel with complementary colors blue and orange.

The image was made in 3ds Max with V-ray as render engine. The only third-party software used was the free version of the floor generator plug-in from Almost all assets are free or premium models from

Tell me what you would improve in the image and how you would approach it differently.

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