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Enscape 3.0 is here!

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

Enscape version 3 is here and it has a face-lift! But it is not just a superficial makeover, it comes simpler and easier to use. Together with a complete branding overhaul, which they have been working on for over a year, some very important user interface improvements were implemented.

Enscape new logo

Of course, the downside with every new UI change, especially with a graphic redesign on top, comes the need to relearn a few things. But, being Enscape a fairly low complexity software, especially when compared with 3ds Max or Maya, nothing that a couple of hours of exploring will not solve.

At a first glance, a few relevant improvements can immediately be noticed: now, most of the interface toolbars (exports, video editor, VR, and visual settings) are also within the Enscape window!

Enscape new toolbar

The fact that they moved a lot of the settings to Enscape itself, copying them from the plugin bar on the modeling software, eliminates the annoying task of constantly going back and forth between modeling program and rendering when needing to change render settings. Now, the workflow is simplified and less annoying. Additionally, you can now create a view directly from the rendering window.

They also made improvements to the video editor by adding a timeline at the bottom and making it possible to directly and intuitively change the keyframes settings.

Enscape new timeline

A welcomed feature is also the possibility to quickly add different settings to each scene by creating presets. Now you can quickly change to a sunny or cloudy preset in a couple of seconds if you wish to do so.

Enscape presets

They improved the asset library, not only by adding 333 more assets, but also making some visually more appealing, and effective in terms of performance. The new assets are specific to local regions. Meaning that the new vehicles, objects, and flora relate to certain geographical regions or cultures to help you produce more authentic, regional experiences.

Enscape 3.0 new assets

With this new version, the developers made Enscape even more user-friendly by adding a simpler and clearer new interface design, making improvements where needed, and implementing new options to better control animations. All this, together with the new assets, contributes to solidifying, even more, their presence in the architectural visualization industry.

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