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D5 Render 1.8.0 update! With 3DS Max live sync!

A new version of D5 render is available for download! If you are unfamiliar with this software, Dimension 5 render is a Singapore-based real-time engine that combines ray-tracing and rasterization techniques. It is available in two versions: a fully-featured professional version, selling at $480, and a free community version without the animation export feature and fewer assets.

Version 1.8.0 new features and improvements

Dynamic Particle Assets

Introduction of dynamic particle materials in the built-in library, presenting a diverse array of fire, smoke, snow, etc.

D5 render particle effects

Updated “Follow HDRI” for sunlight

A newly updated “Follow HDRI” toggle is added to the sunlight angle. When turned on, D5 automatically searches the brightest point in the HDR image and determines the sunlight angle, ensuring that the sunlight is in the same direction as the HDRI light source. This angle can be manually changed when the feature is turned off.

D5 render follow hdri

Multi-selected models can be aligned with source coordinates

When a model from another software is imported, D5 retains its original Coordinates. However, you can keep their relative positions by selecting one or multiple imported models in the scene and click “Align” to align them to the first-selected model.

Invisible in Raytracing option added for materials

A new “invisible in raytracing” option has been added to the Custom and Video material templates.

The option controls if a certain material is included in the illumination calculation. When turned on, only a color map (base color) of the material shows in the viewport, but it is ignored by the illumination.

D5 render invisible in raytracing

New material´s Ambient Occlusion Mapping

A new AO mapping was added for “Custom”, “Car Paint”, “Displacement”, “Fabric” and “Custom Transparency” materials.

D5 render ambient occlusion

Lens flare effects

New effects to add to your renderings.

D5 render lens flare

Camera motion control

New camera motion speed settings for clips in video mode were added. Now it's possible to have finer control in your camera motion with the inclusion of “Linear”, “Fade In”, “Fade Out” and “Fade In& Out” options. Be aware that video is available in the free version but you are not able to export it.

D5 render camera speed control

Camera Z-axis rotation

A “Camera Rotation” parameter was added in the view to control Z-axis rotations.

D5 render camera rotation

Grouped entities can now support video keyframes

Video keyframes can be applied to grouped models and light sources of the same type.

Grouped characters and vehicle models can move together. Lights can be switched on/off in groups.

Support for exporting and saving grouped models to the local library

Now it is possible to export or add grouped models to the Local feature in the model inspector, just like a single model.

Different HDR settings for different scenes

With this feature, it is possible to save each scene with a specific HDR setting.

The Real-Time toggle is now available in different preview qualities

Now, the Real-Time toggle can be turned on to high, medium, and low quality. Also, animated models, particles, and other dynamic objects can be previewed in real-time.

D5 render preview quality

Converter Updates

  • D5 Converter now supports light sync for SketchUp, Revit, and ArchiCad.

  • Added a beta version for live sync with 3DS Max.

3Ds Max converter

D5 render 3ds max live sync tab

This new feature allows the import of max scenes into D5 by Sync feature without the need to export the scene with the D5 plug-in. When the D5 file needs to be modified, it is now possible to start sync and create a connection with the original max model or replace it with a new one.

The supported versions for this feature are 3Ds Max 2017 to 3Ds Max 2021 and VRay 3.6 or above.


After a scene has been edited in max, quickly sync the new model and materials to D5 Render with the Sync button, while keeping the materials and scene parameters that had been adjusted in D5.

The 3Ds Max and VRay camera positions can also be synchronized.

It is possible to live Sync 3Ds max views by keeping both program views consistent in the horizontal direction. With one click you can turn view sync on or off.

It is also possible to synchronize light source types and automatic mapping into point light, spotlight, strip light, rectangular light, positions, sizes (for rectangular/strip light). The Vray light sources from the same instance object are grouped after synchronization, allowing for batch adjustment of parameters within D5. Other parameters of light sources are not supported for synchronization and should be configured within D5 Render.

Rendering improvements

  • Further GI improvement with accuracy enhancements.

  • Denoiser enhancement in video rendering.

  • Multiple reflections available in video rendering.

  • Optimization of fog parameter settings, which are now optimized to allow separated control over distance fogs and the Tyndall effect. Distance fogs are displayed with fog toggled on. With the Tyndall effect on, the volumetric lighting effect is applied.


Optimization of the plant brush tool

  • Among other improvements, the radius, and density parameters can be adjusted.

  • The radius range is now wider, allowing for smaller or bigger brushes.

  • The plant density algorithm was adjusted. Brushes do not support stacking, but scattering can be stacked.

Optimization of plant collision

  • Significant improvement on rendering efficiency of large, plant-filled scenes.

  • Adjusted menu bar.

  • Adjusted some interface details.


  • Undo and redo errors for list operations.

  • Brightness range error for Spotlight IES.

  • Normal map failure.

  • Unexpected changes for selected items in the resource list.

  • Library list display failure.

  • 4K monitor adaptation.

  • D5 Converters - synchronization failure for large scenes.

  • Misaligned UV for Displacement materials.

  • Partial map missing for imported skp files.

  • D5 Converters.

  • D5 Converter-3ds Max supports live sync (Beta).

  • D5 Converter-SketchUp supports real-time light sync.

  • Supports setting and editing D5 light sources in real-time within SketchUp.

  • The same light source components are automatically grouped within D5, allowing for batch adjustment of parameters.

  • Support to hide the D5 light source carrier in SketchUp with a click.

  • D5 Converter-Revit supports family lighting synchronization.

  • Revit family lighting synchronization.

  • D5 Converter-ArchiCAD supports lighting synchronization.

  • ArchiCad model light sources synchronization.

  • ArchiCad light sources synchronization.

With this new update, D5 render is showing considerable progress in establishing a bigger presence in the user-friendly real-time visualization niche. Despite still lacking a few features that made software like Lumion or Enscape the choice among users, the Singapore based developer is revealing a gradual and steady improvement and, together with their reasonable price tag, who knows what they can achieve in the near future. One thing is certain, with the emerging of new competitors, 3D artists will always be the ones to benefit from this battle.

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