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Best of Archviz - Facebook group

We created another place where 3D artists can find inspiration and learn from more experienced colleagues.

Everyone can join and participate!


Rules for posting

1 - The work you wish to post must achieve a minimum quality standard of 70 points to get published, calculated as follows:

Modeling (15 points)To achieve high-quality images you don´t have to model every single element on your scene, but the standard of your models need to be high. Try to avoid sharp edges and low poly geometry on close-ups. Random folding and/or asymmetry on soft material models will score more points.

Lighting (15 points)Correct lighting is crucial. Not only does it add perceived realism but also helps to the mood and creates storytelling.

Materials (15 points)Good materials contribute a lot to the overall quality. Rich and detailed shaders help increase the realism and interest in the scene.

Color (15 points)Using color combinations that work well together is one of the most important factors when trying to make an image look aesthetically pleasing.

Composition (15 points)Composition helps guide the viewer to certain important elements on your scene and contributes to the overall harmony. A good composition can be made by using contrast, color, or geometric rules (like the rule of thirds) to achieve visual balance.

Framing (10 points)Framing is based on the camera positioning and aspect ratio of your image and can be related to or help your composition.

Complexity (5 points)This doesn´t mean that your scene needs to be cluttered with elements. More often than not, less is more. But even a simpler scene can be far from easy to accomplish.

Storytelling (5 points) - Storytelling is about applying uncertainty, curiosity, and dynamism into an image and it helps to improve the viewer´s experience. For example, a slightly open drawer, a worn-out vase, or a misaligned chair makes the scene more believable and triggers the imagination.

Originality (5 points)Looking at dozens of renderings every day, we often come across very similar scenes and assets. Of course, the living room visualization with the centered sofa and armchairs is fine, and also the low-budget residential building needs representation, but they lack the WOW factor. The success of an image often depends on the originality of the subject which offers a richer experience to the viewer.

If your post was not published in the next 3 workdays after requesting, you probably didn't get enough points to meet our quality standards. Due to the high number of requests, we will not be able to give feedback on why your work wasn´t accepted.


Posting and commenting

  • The language used in all group sections must be kind and respectful and will be strictly in English. All comments or descriptions written in other languages will be deleted.

  • Everyone is allowed one post per week.

  • The topic is free, but we will prefer architecture or interior design visualizations. Other topics can also be considered if they meet our standards.

  • All members must upload their images directly to the group. Linked or shared posts will not be accepted.

  • All images should have a minimum resolution (horizontally and vertically) of 1600px.

  • Pre-made scenes, and fully or partially recreations of other artists' work, will not be accepted. If you are representing someone, you should credit the author.

  • You cannot promote other groups or companies but you can promote yourself with a link to your portfolio or website.

  • You can insert a small logo but not a direct contact on your image. This means no emails or phone numbers across your image.

  • Asking for cracked software, links to torrents, or pre-made scenes will not be allowed.

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